Beyond the housing industry crisis who gets the $$$

I spent my Sunday selectively enjoying the choices of TV viewing that would be most uplifting, ...Oprah's Soul Sunday and my take away was" A partnership between equals for the purpose of spiritual growth". as defined by Gary Zukav describes the spiritual relationship ..a soulmate.    And then I also wanted to be intelligently entertained.

I locked in to the Showtime series House of Lies and watched all twelve episodes of the first season.

Oh boy!!! Entertainment kudos!!!!

Between the under the cover, in the boardroom, under the desk and ever constant sextilating encounters, the management consulting stories are vivid truisms of art imitating life.

As a former Deloitte Project Coordinator, who experienced the "beached" effect,   the character Marty, played provocatively by Don Cheadle courses you through the management consulting culture language interpretations. The terminology "beached" means- you are about to be dumped or thrown to the sharks.

I was gleefully amused by Episode 4.

The Principal of Marty's sons' school explains unambiguously that she was a former Project Manager at Deloitte and knew the tactics that Marty was using to manipulate his cause.

Gosh,,!!! I felt so kindred to the story because it was no longer art.  I was the story.
And just like in the show, when the management pod was sent in to eliminate the existing team, I was told to sail on.

But it was even more extraordinary.

Episode 1 House of Lies essentially deals with the foreclosure crisis. Starkly truthful were the realities of who benefitted most from the Obama Administrations efforts to quell the housing industry meltdown.

This was not art and theatre and characters.

I lost my home.  The bank that first declared their insolvency Indy Mac; one of the many benefactors of bailout protection; now operates as Onewest;  has not agreed to participate in the February 2013 payout settlement .  OneWest continues to bonus its shareholders, retain high paying legal and management consulting companies.  For myself and others, we have yet to be given a means of due process and restitution.

I purchased the house @ 14319 Woodcrest Drive Rockville Md 20853 in October 1998. I completed over $100000 in renovations over the years. I lost the home October 2009.

As I viewed this episode of House of Lies, I felt the truth of what and who have profited from the mortgage crisis to be a very personal and familiar wound.

Again, the takeaway from the Showtime episode, (barring all the excesses, sex drugs etc..) is that profits were squandered and corporate greed prevailed.

And I have yet to recover.

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