Conversations with the Inner Voices...Conflict and Confirmation

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Having and being

Stripped from the uniform of having,  it becomes very clear that what does matter are  not things.  In the absence of finances,  things, possessions, there is charity.  Confusingly, charity is not  the experience of begging and receiving..   In charity there is largesse, there is abundance, there is patience and there is kindness.
Many miss the experience of the gifts of charity, because there are so many things that fill their lives with emptiness
Giving is therefore the Gift:  
On Giving Kahlil Gibran
You give but little when you give of your possessions.It is when you give of yourself that you truly give.For what are your possessions but things you keep and guard for fear you may need them tomorrow?And tomorrow, what shall tomorrow bring to the overprudent dog burying bones in the trackless sand as he follows the pilgrims to the holy city?And what is fear of need but need itself?Is not dread of thirst when your well is full, the thirst that is unquenchable?
Before the game of blaming begins, the most painful hurt is the acceptance of self inflicted injury.  
The abject lust for another is a curse that many who have had the bad relationship exercise are afraid to admit. In the act of consenting to be subjected to the person who is neither thoughtful,  nor caring,   you wish you could take back all the emotions, all the exchanges, all the lip locking, body sweating, acrobatic arching moments that were for your personal enjoyment and not a shared experience
Faced with your reflection in the mirror of emotional grief, you forgive.   Hurt takes its good ole time and healing takes forever.

Tyler Perry  in the play MadeaGoesToJail  eloquently advises:
This is what I've learned in all these years on this earth. If somebody wants to walk out of your life, let them go. Especially if you know you've done everything you can do. If you've sat around and been the best man or the best woman you can be and they still want to go, let them go. Whatever they're running after, in a minute they'll see what they had, but by then it's gonna be too late.Some people come into your life for a lifetime. Some come for a season. You've got to know which is which. And you're always gonna mess up when you mix seasonal people up with lifetime expectations.
After the murderous assault of terrorists, and lives have been claimed, what form of deity, one wonders,  could contaminate minds to act without humanity.  But then again, all of what worship has become was wagered in killings from time immemorial.

Commercialized religion is rampant in all spheres of religious practices.  The Bible a book created by men, is used as a mouthpiece for fear mongering.  In reality, the religious truths of all the denominations have constructed their particular sacred theologies to ensure that worshippers practice their stated tenets.

Sacred intimacy is not a popular convention.  It is better to have a public pulpit to minister from.  It is better to build monuments, and create boards, and craft philosophies and speak the Word, and chant,  and have flamboyant demonstrations of spirit filled enactments to secure faith followers.

In moments of solitude, the awe of understanding is divine miracle.  In Spiritual Madness, The necessity of meeting God in the Darkness by Caroline Myss  she describes many aspects of mystical divinity:
  • The true reason we invite God into our lives
  • Why spiritual intimacy can lead to chaos in our personal world
  • Four questions crucial to your spiritual direction that therapists never ask
  • How mystical experience translates into everyday life in our time
  • The truth about spiritual powers such as clairvoyance, healing, and bi-locating
  • A way to end spiritual confusion with a simple, honest prayer
  • Many self-teaching exercises and practices for daily life
Spiritual Madness is a unique and daring session that reaches to the borderland of spiritual experience,where the inner mysteries of the divine are fully opened in the outer world of career and family.
Being normal is so inclusive that even the gender bending in sexuality is now the de facto.  The years of childhood are shrinking way too rapidly.  The influences that define gender orientation, sexual orientation, pre adolescence or adolescence are now crunched into what seems like prehistoric formative years.

To all the young people struggling with issues of  self here is a sane point of view from Janelle Monáe:
"When I started my music career, I was a maid. I used to clean houses. My mother was a proud janitor. My stepfather, who raised me like his very own, worked at the post office and my father was a trashman. They all wore uniforms and that’s why I stand here today, in my black and white, and I wear my uniform to honor them.This is a reminder that I have work to do. I have people to uplift. I have people to inspire. And today, I wear my uniform proudly as a Cover Girl. I want to be clear, young girls, I didn’t have to change who I was to become a Cover Girl. I didn’t have to become perfect because I’ve learned throughout my journey that perfection is the enemy of greatness.Embrace what makes you unique, even if it makes others uncomfortable".
Inner Voice
Every single moment, someone in this vast universe is experiencing some life changing thoughts.  Typically, my thoughts versus your thought becomes a contest of how much and what I can do or say that make mine more compelling than yours.

The inner voice that is constantly asking questions and seeking answers is a reflection of pains and gains.  Yet it also is a celebration of being.
“Composer, sculptor, painter, poet, prophet, sage, these are the makers of the after-world, the architects of heaven. The world is beautiful because they have lived; without them, laboring humanity would perish.”James Allen, As a Man Thinketh

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