Twerk a national pastime called Wining

MileyCyrus, poster good girl Hannah Montana, gone bad! Even the Smiths, all of Will, Jayden, and Willow, were the MTV ceremonies, it seemed, as Ms Cyrus exposed her notoriety and celebrity status to media's delight

As you can see, Nothing New Under the Sun... Just Miley Cyrus got media clout....

Being a good and upstanding grandmother of three beautiful, decent, and modesty sanctioned grandgirls, 16, 10, and 5, I would have lassoed the likes of Ms. Miley right off off that VMA stage, money, fame, celebrity, shucked and thrown to the wind. This would be a typical response, from a morally upright and proper lady of Caribbean heritage. But, wait!!! Miley Cyrus, is acting out more Caribbean moves than many of my own Trinidad and Tobago Carnival babies.

In the flailing of all the media activists, posting more snippets, more pictures, more highlights of the Miley Cyrus VMA show, I share another twisted twerk from the perspective of social observation.
Let me first set the stage for the commentary. The last thing I was doing was watching the VMAs. I was enjoying some pre kindergarden first day of school hours with my 5 year old. And I know, one day sometime in her late twenties, these moments will be my most cherished treasures.

With posts from all the internet sources hailing the flagrant distraction of Miley's performance at the VMAs, I was the viewer after the fact, and perhaps more contained in my shock factor awareness. MileyCyrus, the adult to be, is leveraging her media grabbing attention antics.

First, she wears pum pum shorts to a late night interview with Jimmy Kimmel. She is seen twerking around the internet. Then, much to our shocking dismay, she using a large phallic like foam finger to demonstrate her coming of age on stage behavior. By the way, pum pum shorts or batty riders, is a term used in the Caribbean to suggest that the garment known as shorts, is basically inches from being in the lost zone of reasonable comfort.
I would dare to suggest, that were that Rihanna or Nicki Minaj doing the same antics, there would not only have been censored screenings, the public outcry would have evoked the church leagues of righteous indignation to call for "burning at the stakes". The mothers of right-winged christian decency crusades would form coalition to ban sales of product. Sadly the curse of "those island people of debauchery" would be trending as the topic of good, bad, indecent, or skank behavior.

So Miley Cyrus is exhibiting Skank. Really! Do we expect, a rich, young, beautiful white girl to behave with such crudity and crassness? Hell to the No!!! Or is this just another influence of world crossover?

When Rihanna is on Bajan soil for Cropover, and the music fused with spirits, alcohol included, along with the momentum of unbridled energy, coupled with frenzied thousands of people bending over and wining on something, usually, another human being, it is natural.

During Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago, or for that matter, at any event, where dancing by both the performers and audiences include cavorting with twerking, twisting, twirling of bodies like there are rotators in the lower extremities, it is the norm.

Even, good ole Caribbean grandmothers, are prone to a sweet wine or roll on something, -- when the music and the rhythm take control. ( In other words, when in the video, as Robin Thicke is singing and MileyCyrus, rolls her body in arched revelry against him, that is called "roll on something.")

Alas! There is nothing new under the sun. Whether the Smiths' are wide eyed in shock dismay, or whether MileyCyrus is "Twerking" signature dance moves; guess what! She gets the desired results.
MileyCyrus, what you did at the VMAs is.....building your fame value with the millions of views and hits on all of social media worldwide.

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