Initiate Thought, Provoke Discussion, Create Reason and Response and call it a Blog

Blog writers initiate discussion that elicits thought, reason and response. At its nucleus, effective bloggers  write with artistic creativity. The staging process of a blog begins with the visualization of concept, context and theme.  Similar to the eye of an artist, the scripted ideas and thoughts of a blogger are paintings colored with words and text.

With social media,  the demand for bloggers has generated a powerful and growing industry of creative writer enthusiasts.   Bloggers and the artform of writing are flourishing.  Rather than specialty occupations in journalism, communications, public relations, marketing  and media relations, there is an overwhelming demand for blogger contributions beyond all business and social boundaries.

In observation, the merits of blogging,  and the value contribution to world societies in the artform of blogging is reason for study and researched understanding. With curiosity and fascination, I have been observing the glut of writers in social media engagement.  The profusion of writers about every topic imaginable is now radically viral.

In the industry of bloggers, the hills of writer's dreams and published aspirations are filled with interruptions, such as,  writer block, impasse and restructure in the climb to the top.  Blogger reflection and introspection ensue as I engage in the art of writing.  From early adolescence,  I wanted to be impressive as a writer.  In my uninformed style, I would use words bigger than my own imagination to make a simple statement, exhaustive and compound.  Luckily, my teachers, were quick to correct and admonish me for over excessive usage of "big words".  KISS, keep it simple stupid was my regular dose of writing medicine reality.  I uncover and recover and recreate art thoughts and posit them into words.  I continue to learn and gain perspective in social media examination.

Social media is invitation to craft thoughts, share with others and commune in circles.   Social media technology and all of its peripheral advantages  are driving innovation and creativity throughout the landscape of  written communications.  The art of writing has exploded exponentially.  In a convergence of the science of technology and the need to explain the theories and reasoning  for technologies, the rise of literary encyclopedia is rocketing beyond the unlimited, in social media blogosphere.

Prior to the 1990s, the term Blogger was non existent.  Diaries, journals, individual essays were the common products associated with writing.  As the web spread its spiral outreach to worldwide corners of the globe, the weblog of created articles were the original blogs. With multitudes of creative writer opportunities among the numerous social media platforms,  building and  growing connections, followers and communities are the return on investment (ROI)  for the career bloggers.

In  real time space and proximity of world communities, distance is merely  geographic location.  Instantaneous is as immediate as the blink of an eye.  In the marriage to technology advancement and the common sharing of a blogger, portals of  virtual exchange have been opened,  which have otherwise been non existent.   Transcontinental information travel is occurring with virtual speed of lightning.  The carriers are the many networked  web connections that provide links to indefinite realms of  opportunities.

In the course of becoming an avid and thriving blogger, I am always apprehensive about whether or not my content is authoritative and rich in marketability.  I am fielding and researching the value of adwords, and what text makes any adsense. With intentional humor,  my entry as a new blogger to the bloggersphere world, is filled with uncertainty and awkward deference.

The dilemma a new blogger faces is quite challenging.  Writing content and interaction must appeal to social media engagement audiences.  Whether to  blog about  personal life, social interests, career pursuits , fashion, cooking, photography, one must carve a niche market to win followers.    Followers become  communities.   Activity generated by comments  and  the number of reshares build the capital of  the writer's wealth in outreach.   Without the knowledge of  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) codes  and technology nuances, target audience appeal is limited.  Additionally,  content must also be recognized for word value.  The words that capture the  thread, stream, backlink are recognized in computer linguistics as a series of analytics that help increase content recognition.

 In order to thrive and stay relevant bloggers write without ceasing.    As a blogger contributor, ideas must be constructed and developed at a pace of constant and consistent delivery.    Topic titles are screened and evaluated on  keyword content through SEO and computer backlinks.  With all these requisites and attributes for successful blogging,  most  new bloggers face challenging  uphill odds.

A plethora of sites are crawling all over the internet, to invite writers to blog.  The blogger fantasy is that the topic that they share will automatically attract and generate booming results in readership and income returns.      Among the many blogger invitations to share are the sites promising fortunes for recruiting, enlisting and resharing of blogs.  In its appeal to targeted audiences, blogger entrepreneurship is now the most prolific enticement to generate bounty.

Bloggers are the prey  for the newest pyramid schemes.  The names of celebrity professionals, such as  Wayne Dyer,  Marianne Williamson, Oprah, Maya Angelou,  Louise Hay  are listed in title headings to entice and invite entrepreneur bloggers.   Their quotes are intentionally posted within the first sentences of text, which in turn generates volume readership.  Winning customers through social media baiting is another creative writing artform.

Social media is a frontier of many hills and valleys.  As seen in the Blogger Life Cycle illustration depicted at the top,  from thoughts and ideas, to frustration, to writers block to halo rise at the top, there is emotional commitment and enduring perseverance to "Call it a Blog".   In the halls of academia, where the fears that the soft studies would be trampled by the software and technology driven crusades, Writing Studies departments have been revived.   Technology in all of its most abstract and computer generated analytics have fueled demand for functional writing in communications.

In the midst of the gropes of technology, where every person on the internet is traceable, and information is always public, there is now a burgeoning boom of writing enthusiasts.  The art of blogging is an extension of the brain banks of multitudes of individual thinkers and thought leaders,

In the paintbrush of the artist a canvass reflects the indelible pictures in the portals of the mind.  In social media, the blogger creates a repository of ideas and words that paint and reflect, theme, thought, response and invitation.

For those in pursuit of the blogger mecca, put on your thinking caps.  Initiate Thought, Provoke Discussion, Create Reason and Response,  Write!  Share! Comment! Follow!   and Call it a Blog!

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