The Circle of Communities and Building Followers are prime Real Estate to Social Media Success

Success, as the social media debutante I am, is like having my naiveté slammed into overdrive, full throttle without a gear shift.   I feel the momentum and accelerate. I am on a projectile to infamy without a guiding compass. Without the insurance of prime real estate value for my social media landing, I may crash and burn.   

In real estate the slogan, location, location, location is an indication of prime value.  In #Social Media circles, follower, follower, follower is guaranteed prime value star * visibility.  The circle of friends, communities and growing followers are prime real estate value to social media success.  

Creating circles of friends, families, communities and having a growing multitude of followers are the magnets for success in social media. The clues to get to that success venue are shared by celebrity media icons and most importantly, by the knowledge shared and generosity of social media thought leaders.  

Here are the prized takeaways for me in the journey towards success as GooglePlus Blogger.
  • Community builds leaders.  
  • Leaders share with followers. 
  • Followers share with Community  
  • Circles  revolve
  • Success 
What does it take to become a Social Media celebrity?

+Richard Branson , #Virgin Records,  #Virgin Atlantic Airways, #Virgin Galactic, and over 400 other Virgin-branded enterprises  is a social media celebrity with over 5 million followers on Google plus.

+Guy Kawasaki , software evangelist, and author speaker and Motorola Google advisor has over 5 million followers on Google Plus

They are both multi billionaires and can thrive successfully in their respective brands of expertise, with limited social media visibility.   They are, however, quite the contrary, vigorously and robustly active on social sites, and are very vocal in the Google+ environment.   They post updates daily.  Posts are done either by each of them personally, or by their #social media coordinators.  Their posts invite reaction and conversation. Among their followers, there is the notion of intimacy with nuances of personal connection to a famous person.  There are interactive exchanges of comment, responses and resharing among the followers and communities and the leaders. They have earned their fame as social media community building celebrities.

For me as a new Blogger, I have started a course of engagement on Google Plus.  Initially, in the neophyte mindset, I thought, if I write something many will see my creativity, and they would think, “She is a budding talent”.   I assumed I would naturally attract those who are most inclined to know more or about me or about what I share.

 I migrated from the #Facebook platform to +GooglePlus, because the environment at Facebook, catered to a very quarantined individualistic shared exchange.  I wanted to say more.  Most people will digest the first paragraph or last paragraph of shared information and will ignore most substance in a post.   I write with robust pleasure and enjoyment and like the engagement of participation, and exchange, and shared commentaries. I find #Blogger is a most accessible and accommodating tool for my involvement.  

I had no idea what to + another person and comment and share meant.  But I did selfishly want to introduce my audience to what I shared on my personal blogs.  The idea of my own self importance was quickly diminished as I continued to see my own statistics of followers remaining in the low 50s.  I wanted to learn and improve and become just like the best of circles and communities I saw as successful and flourishing with thousands of followers.

Why were other people surrounded by thousands of followers?

As I continued my attempts at belonging to communities, I made the typical mistakes of the nouveau intern.   I am a wannabe.  I shared my blog links as part of my introductions to the more high profile numbers communities.  I was rudely awakened to protocol and also received some of the best advice, along with suggested reading posts and a list of circles to associate with.  

There are too many names to list here that are the movers and shakers and also are the most generous with their posts and suggestions.  Among the names of some of the top  gurus of my circles are:
+martin shervington .  Martin has developed and continued to provide key roadmaps for becoming a successful googleplus user. 
+Mark Traphagen  who is found in almost all the recommended best of circles for his insider knowledge on the values of googleplus.  
+pio dal cin graciously shared his suggestions for joining communities and the best practices for avoiding common mistakes.
During the course of the engagement online, you find a select few who form kinships, as if you were always  lifetime friends.   
+Tazein Mirza Saad  a super plusser, with more than 10000 in her following shares inspiration. Even while writing, I saw her post: 
Never give up on yourself, believe that you will live to see happiness come in your life, have faith, nothing is impossible, as long as you don't quit!
And I felt the warmth and sincerity of her encouragement.  The timing on the post is perfect. 
+Karin Sebelin  who lives in Friolzheim / Germany and has over 14000 in her circles has been a welcome new follower to my posts and has treated and supported my sharing with kind encouragement.

Successful posters share their successes with others.
+Gideon Rosenblatt  over 28000 in his circles has lent sound advice, which is continuously reshared and reposted.  
+Jens Graikowski has over 104000 in his circles and lives the good life.  He states he lives on a tropical island and works to make Google+ a better place.  He routinely shares posts that introduce and enable new users to get through the maze of circling on Google+.  His post like this one:   
How I post at G+ ...
When you've spend some time on #GooglePlus like me you tend to forget that there are new G+ users (goobies) starting on this network every day. The platform can be an intimidating place when you start out and the amount of fantastic features can be overwhelming, so let's start with the basics, shall we?  
is the kind of sound byte teaching  that every newcomer needs and values.  Everyone loves to follow Jens..

The fact is, I have a limited understanding on crowd sourcing.  
+Stephan Hovnanian  closing in on 2000 followers, with his post Google Plus for Crowdsourcing shares a detailed synopsis of best practices, that any newcomer needs, to become informed and more intelligent.

My learning curve is steeped in new and exhaustive reviews of favorite posts that are shared by so many.  I found out how to save favorite posts by another community superstar, 
+Jesse Wojdylo, with over 11000 followers.  His post was very instrumental in helping me to keep abreast of all the highlights of so many talented sharers.

+Valerij Karpinchik  with over 4600 in his circles,  suggested that he will continue to share until he gets the results he desires.  This statement gives others a sense reassurance to the perseverance factor.

With new apps, new product launchings, with multiple site interests sharing posts from the writers at #Time Magazine, #Forbes, #Huffington Posts, there is a wealth of information for library and research.   I follow posts from +Dave Kerpen a Linked In contributor, who provides a stream of articles which are cross posted with regular frequency.   His article #How to Write more Successful Blog Posts is a well crafted roadmap of touch points that all bloggers need to pay close attention to.  

It is no wonder, that the names of these thought leaders, are included in the best of circles that I am following.  I am gearing my engines up to have propulsion of growth and expansion of my followers base.  With the views on my blogs exceeding 2000 in the last month, I am energized that I am building circles of community, and ultimately, vibrant and participating followers.

What do you recommend as my next step, or what are your suggestions for improvement? 

For the communities and leaders that I follow, I invite you to share your insights and thoughts and comments and suggestions.   I am eager to learn and become prime real estate in circles, and communities building followers.

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