Original Post: How the Internet gives a voice Jan 15 2013

 This post How the Internet gives a voice was my first post to blogging.  In reviewing my recent posts, the content was lifted.  Luckily, my original text was saved on an external drive.  Thanks to +Syed Faizan Ali  http://www.mybloggerlab.com/2012/03/protecting-your-copyrighted-content.html I put some security to my site.  

iphone 053Written by:  Grace C Walker  email: gracecjwalker@gmail.comTuesday, January 15, 2013

How the Internet gives a voice

Rambling somewhere in the echo chambers of my head is a maelstrom of thought responses on how the internet gives me a voice.

Before becoming an indulgent convert to the realm of internet technology and its profuse envelopment of all my interactive intelligence, I was among  its most vocal combatants.  In one of my undergrad Communications classes in the early nineties, I contended that although the advent of the internet and all its promised breakthroughs to espouse connectivity, outreach and enable world globalization to the masses was seen as a cataclysmic popular shift in the medium of communication, its disadvantages were more impervious. 

The bubble of my peripheral scope of limited experience, utilization and internet access at the time suggested that the availability and access to the internet were formulae for further social marginalization and disenfranchisement of those without universal economic parity.  I contended there would be unfair advantages to richer nations.  

I am now a radical convert in 2013

Globalization flourishes. Social injustices are broadcast with warp speed. Worlds politics, religions, militia are under the microscope of the social collective.  We seem to be closer as the Web spreads farther.

Kudos to the advocacy of the +Steve Jobs, +Bill Gates, +Mark Zuckerberg and hosts of other  internet zeitgeists, I thrill and savor and explore and languish in the freedom to be at all ends of the global sphere instantaneously.  From my personal shopping, my politics, my beliefs, my social interest, my scholarly pursuits, my business ideologies, I am wholly and fully immersed in the discoveries that the Internet provides.    
In its most primordial bellow, the Internet Voice is the greatest conduit of human integration for research, access, validation and globalization for any element of thought that one’s mind chooses to conceive and construct.

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